Never Boring Design Associates

Harold Avila - Sign DirectorThere are those who say they "think outside of the box" and there’s Harold Avila – a man who literally thinks outside of the box while enhancing the outside of the box. After six years in the sign industry, you’ll see Avila's work on buildings and standalone signs throughout the city of Modesto.

Avila has experience in graphic design, tattoo art and is handy with a pen and paper. His production expertise and creativity have helped Avila turn blank canvasses throughout the city into works of art.

What work of art inspires you?
I really like the work of Salvador Dali, he has a unique way of taking average objects and arranging them into something truly interesting.

Favorite Bands:
I’m really into urban classic rock, El Chicano, Malo, The Animals, Lynard Shynard, Hendrix, War – these bands really set the bar for music.

How are you Never Boring?
It’s an awesome feeling to turn a blank canvas into a work of art.